Q: Where are you located?
A: the indoor range is located at 1600 62nd st sw in minot. our outdoor range, where the buffalo gun shoots will take place, is a bit to the north at Latitude: N 48° 13' 32.62" Longitude: W 101° 23' 15.876"

Q: What does your range look like?/is there a map of your range?
A: You can download our map to get a feel for the outdoor ranges.

Q: What is a "Buffalo Gun"?
A: A buffalo gun usually refers to a large-caliber single-shot black powder firearm, like those used in the late 19th Century to hunt American buffalo. Professional hunters of the time favored the Sharps rifle for its accuracy at long ranges, but the Remington No. 1 (aka "Rolling Block") and the Springfield Rifle were also used. 

Today, competitors use modern replicas of models originally made from 1860 to 1899 with styles from 1869 to 1874 making up the bulk.

Q: Do you keep score?/How does scoring work?
A: Shooters are scored based on how many hits or misses they achieve with their allotted shots. There is a maximum of 24 points for Lever Action, and 30 points for Single Shots and Malcolm Scopes.  

Hitting a target anywhere counts as a point.