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All shooters will have a chance to use the range from 8AM to 10AM the morning of the match for “sighting in” shots and to familiarize themselves with the range. 
shooters from all three categories meet on the line at the same time. All shots are fired by either sitting on the ground or on armless backless stools with cross sticks (with the exception of the 200 yard target, which is shot off hand). Each shooter is allowed to fire TWO "sighting in" shots before the official scored round begins. 
The match will begin by a single blast of an air horn, at which time the range will be HOT. 
Shooters are allotted 6 bullets per target (24 total for lever action, 30 for single shot and Malcolm scopes). Shooters fire one shot at each target starting at shooter #1, then proceeding down the line until everyone has shot.  
If a shooter has a malfunction, they will be given 5 minutes to fix it or switch to a second rifle. 
Shooters are allowed to clean their rifles before the next round, which starts back at the beginning with shooter #1. 
In the case of a tie, there will be a shoot-off to determine the match winner. Balloons will be set starting at the 200 yard target and shot off hand with progressive ranges until there is only one shooter left. 
Three blasts of the air horn indicates the range is COLD, at which time all weapons on the firing line should be made safe and the clear bore indicator installed.