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No duplex loads of any kind are allowed; Only black powder, substitutes, and smokeless powders can be used. Cartridges can be disassembled at the Range Master's discretion if duplex loads are suspected.  
Bullet velocity cannot exceed 1600 feet per second in big bores and 1400 in lever actions. Bullets must be lead only. No jacketed bullets will be allowed. Gas checks can be used. Hand loads can be chronographed to test velocity should a dispute arise. 
Lever Action shooters may only load a single bullet in their gun at a time. The magazines must be empty.  

No modern sighting equipment is allowed. Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or the flip-up ladder type, which may use a peephole drilled through the sliding sight leaf. Front barrel sights may vary from simple blades to period hooded wind gauge designs. Vintage, Malcolm-style scopes up to a strength of 6x are allowed.

Range finders or any other devices for calculating distances or sight adjustments are not allowed.
The Range Master's judgements will be final.