SAFETY FIRST. Everyone is a safety officer. If you see something, say something (nicely, please).  
Anyone can call a cease fire at any time.  

Ear and eye protection are MANDITORY.
Empty bore indicators must be used at all times except when on the firing line.  
Rifles on the firing line must be made safe and placed with muzzles pointed down range.  
Absolutely NO ALCOHOL will be permitted before or during a match. If alcohol is detected, you will be disqualified and must leave the range.  
Shooters under age 18 must have a parent sign a waiver, and shooters under age 12 must demonstrate ability to handle the firearms used.  
The firing line will be evacuated if there is a threat of lightning within 12 miles.  

Match Rules
No duplex loads of any kind are allowed; Only black powder, substitutes, and smokeless powders can be used. Cartridges can be disassembled at the Range Master's discretion if duplex loads are suspected.  
Bullet velocity cannot exceed 1600 feet per second in big bores and 1400 in lever actions. Bullets must be lead only. No jacketed bullets will be allowed. Gas checks can be used. Hand loads can be chronographed to test velocity should a dispute arise.  
Lever Action shooters may only load a single bullet in their gun at a time. The magazines must remain empty.  
No modern sighting equipment is allowed. Rear sights must either be open iron sights mounted on the barrel or the flip-up ladder type, which may use a peephole drilled through the sliding sight leaf. Front barrel sights may vary from simple blades to period hooded designs. Vintage, Malcolm-style scopes up to a strength of 6x are allowed. 
Range finders or any other devices for calculating distances or sight adjustments are not allowed. Target range information is provided.
The Range Master's judgements will be final.

Categories & Targets
Lever Action
Lever Action rifles use a lever located around the trigger guard area to load fresh rounds into the chamber when worked. They must use pistol caliber cartridges ranging from 32 to 45 long colt. Lever action rifles using 45-90 ammo compete in the Single Shot category, not Lever Action.

     Rectangle - 50 yards (shot off hand)     Bucket - 100 yards     Octagon - 150 yards     Buffalo - 200 yards

Single Shot
Single Shots are rifles with the hammer exposed such a the Sharps, Winchester, and Remington Rolling Block. Calibers generally used include– but aren't limited to– 38-55, 40-65, 45-70, and 45-90. Similar calibers are allowed.

     Buffalo - 200 yards (shot off hand)     Rectangle - 300 yards     Bucket - 400 yards     Octagon - 500 yards
     Buffalo - 725 yards

Malcolm Scopes refers to the vintage rifle scopes invented by William Malcolm. This category of shooters can use these scopes on any of the approved single shot rifles if they are 6x power or less.

     Buffalo - 200 yards (shot off hand)     Rectangle - 300 yards     Bucket - 400 yards     Octagon - 500 yards
     Buffalo - 725 yards

The Juniors category is geared for shooters age fourteen and under. They are able to join in with 22 LR single shot or bolt action rifles, but they must be able to demonstrate how to opporate the rifle and be able to follow the rules before the match.

     Giraffe - 25 yards (shot off hand)     Rectangle - 50 yards     Elephant - 75 yards     Bucket - 100 yards
Match Procedures
All shooters will have a chance to use the range from 8 to 10 AM the morning of the match for “sighting in” shots and to familiarize themselves with the range.  
Shooters from the Lever Action, Single Shot, and Scoped categories meet on the line at the same time. All shots are fired by either sitting on the ground or on armless backless stools with cross sticks (with the exception of the 200 yard target, which is shot off hand). Each shooter is allowed to fire TWO "sighting in" shots before the official scored round begins. 
Shooters are allotted 6 bullets per target (24 total for lever action, 30 for single shot and scoped). Shooters fire one shot at each target starting at shooter #1, then proceeding down the line until everyone has shot. 

Scoring is determined by the number of hits on the target. Shooters can hit anywhere on the target for a point.
If a shooter has a malfunction, they will be given 5 minutes to fix it or switch to a second rifle.  
Shooters are allowed to clean their rifles before the next round, which starts back at the beginning with shooter #1.  
In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by how many shots hit the farthest target. If the hits are the same, the tied shooters will continue firing at the farthest target until someone misses.

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