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SAFETY FIRST. Everyone is a safety officer. If you see something, say something (nicely, please). 

Ear and eye protection is MANDATORY. 

No cell phones are allowed within 25 feet of the firing line.

Anyone can call a cease fire at any time. 

Empty bore indicators must be used at all times except when on the firing line. 

Rifles on the firing line are placed on cross sticks with muzzles pointed down range. 

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL will be permitted before or during a match. If alcohol is detected, you will be disqualified and must leave the range. 

Shooters under age 18 must have a parent sign a waiver, and shooters under age 12 must demonstrate ability to handle the firearms used. 

The firing line will be evacuated if there is a threat of lightning within 12 miles. 

In the event of bad weather, please call 701-833-4282 or visit our Facebook page for status updates.